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Building Controls

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is your building controls expert. Technology speeds right along, even to the point where now we can have our buildings control various aspects of our daily work lives. With building controls or building automation, a computerized control system uses advanced functionality and an intelligent network of electronic devices to monitor and control various mechanical devices throughout a building. These can include lighting systems, climate controls through a central heating and cooling system, communication systems, door locks, alarms, and security systems, all of which can be controlled based on different variables such as through occupancy, timetable schedules.

This type of building control can notify when there are failures in various electrical systems or devices, via email or text notification. It also reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs because it takes into account which areas of a building are in use during which times of days and compensates each of the systems it controls according to that schedule so that power is not consumed for services which are not in use at certain times.

Individual Room Automation

Within building automation is a smaller subset of having individual room automation, also called room control. This can be installed for boardrooms, lecture halls, and any place where a variety of electronic devices are used fairly consistently such as video conference equipment, projectors, lighting, sound equipment, and other computerized devices. Room automation systems are usually controlled by a centralized touchscreen that can control the operation of each object, and from which every device can be shut down.

Building Controls and Building Automation Services

As a professional building controls service company, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offer building automation services such as building controls installation, building automation replacement, building control system repairs, and building automation maintenance to our valued clients. Contact us and work with a skilled team of knowledgeable building automation technicians who are fully educated in the latest building control technological advances, installation techniques, and industry standards.

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