Improve The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home with Air Filtration

Clean Air Filtration

There are a lot of different factors which impact the comfort level in your home. Temperature control is very important, of course, but it is not the only tool necessary to make your home as comfortable a living environment as possible. Contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today if you are at all concerned about the air quality in your home. Poor indoor air quality can have a seriously negative impact on your overall comfort, and there are many potential issues your air quality may face. One of the greatest ways to improve indoor air quality is with proper air filtration in your home. If airborne pollutants are a problem in your home, we have the products you need to improve the situation.

Air Filtration Options to Consider

Air filtration is an effective way to improve indoor air quality. The concept behind air filtration is quite simple. Air passes through a filtration mechanism, and the device allows the air to exit while trapping any pollutants in the air along the way. There are a few different air filtration options to consider, so it is important that you have your situation assessed by a professional indoor air quality technician to determine which is best for you. Here are two air filtration options that may benefit your home.

Mechanical Air Filtration Systems

A mechanical air filter is one of the simplest, yet most effective air filtration options available. You are probably well aware of the fact that there is already an air filter installed in your HVAC system, if you use a forced air distribution system to circulate conditioned air throughout your home. The purpose of this air filter, though, is really to protect the inner components of the system from dirt and dust, rather than to improve indoor air quality in your living space. To do that, you need a more efficient air filter.

Air filters come in a variety of efficiency levels, denoted by a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). You need to invest in an air filter with an appropriate MERV, as one with a low MERV may fail to adequately filter your air. Of course, if it is too efficient then it may create too much airflow resistance, potentially leading to decreased efficiency levels and even damage to your system. An air filtration expert can help you find the right air filter for your needs.

Electronic Air Cleaners

An electronic air cleaner or air purifier is another good option to consider. These devices pull air into an ionization chamber. Any pollutants within the air are given an electrostatic charge, which causes them to adhere to a collector plate or simply to the walls and surfaces in your home. This removes them from the air, boosting the indoor air quality throughout the house.

Do not allow airborne pollutants in your home to aggravate allergies or respiratory illnesses. Schedule air filtration installation, repair or replacement services with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. We are happy to help make your home a more comfortable, healthier place to live.

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