Professional Duct Cleaning Services Clear Your Ducts of Debris, Pollutants and Allergens

Duct Cleaning

Chances are that you have no idea what the interior surfaces of your air ducts look like. Why would you? After all, the only people that should ever access your air ducts are professional HVAC technicians. This is a very practical example of why routine air conditioning and heating maintenance is so important. It is possible, for any number of reasons, that dirt, dust, dander and other debris has built up within your air duct over time. This can lead to a number of different problems, including reduced heating and cooling efficiency as well as a marked decline in indoor air quality. If your air ducts are full of pollutants, duct cleaning professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Contact us today if you are at all concerned about the condition within your ducted air distribution system.

When is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Not every home is going to need professional duct cleaning. That being said, there are certain homes which are more likely to require professional duct cleaning than others. A number of different factors combine to create problems that can be solved with thorough duct cleaning. If you have pets, for instance, you can expect dander and fur to become airborne in your home. The air that your HVAC system pulls into your air ducts can carry this material into the ductwork, and over time it can build up. If you have ever had any problems with vermin infestation in your air ducts, duct cleaning may also be necessary. The matter that such pests leave behind is not something you want collecting in your ducts.

There are several warning signs to be aware of which may indicate the need for professional duct cleaning. One is decreased efficiency with your air conditioning and heating system. It is unlikely that enough pollutants will build up to cut off airflow through your ducts. However, it is possible for dirty air ducts to introduce pollutants into the inner workings of your system. Should they build up on components such as the coils therein, your system will work harder to heat and cool your home. Unpleasant odors as well as decreased comfort levels may also require duct cleaning to resolve.

Can I Complete My Own Duct Cleaning?

While we appreciate the fact that many homeowners like to feel self–sufficient, it is absolutely necessary that you schedule your duct cleaning with a qualified professional. There is simply no other way to ensure that the job is thorough and completed properly. During duct cleaning, your air ducts must be accessed. Special tools are used to loosen any materials that have built up within your ducts, and a powerful vacuum must be used to remove all of the debris. This is not a damp paper towel type of cleaning.

Call (678) 475-7622 for Duct Repair

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning are your duct repair specialists. While normally located out of sight, ductwork systems play a vital role in supplying cooled and heated air to various rooms throughout a home or office space. We feel it when they do not work properly. Thus is it important to have ducts which work well. By hiring a duct repair and duct replacement professional you can ensure your ductwork work as efficiently as possible.

When duct repairs are needed it can become obvious quite quickly. If your home or office building begins to develop cold spots in the winter or hot spots in the summer, this could indicate that not enough cooled or heated air is making its way through the ducts and into that room. This can mean a leaky duct or a blocked duct. If you notice your heating and air conditioning system has felt like it is slowing down and is less effective overall, there could be a an issue which could be easily fixed with a duct repair.

Benefits of Duct Repairs

It could be a leaky duct joint, a blocked duct, or a duct with holes in it. Whatever the problem, it is a very positive thing to have your ducts repaired as soon as you notice the issue. Proper duct repair can improve energy–efficiency in a building by ensuring your heating and cooling system does not work unnecessarily by cooled or heated air leaking into spaces which are not used. Leaky ducts also waste the money spent on filtration systems, air purifiers and UV germicidal lights because the air from outside can leak into the ducts without being properly cleaned. When ducts do not leak there is no worry over proper indoor air quality.

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