UV Germicidal Lights Sanitize and Sterilize the Air In Your Home

Air filtration is a great way to boost indoor air quality in your home, but it is not all encompassing. There are pollutants which can make their way into your air which cannot simply be filtered out the way that dirt, dust and dander can be. Biological pollutants, including viruses and bacteria, require a more specialized approach. That is where UV germicidal lights come in. With UV germicidal lights, you can supplement your indoor air quality system to ensure a thorough, effective air cleaning performance. To learn more about UV germicidal lights, the way in which they operate, and whether or not they are something to consider for your home, call the IAQ professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today.

What Are UV Germicidal Lights?

UV (ultraviolet) lights are devices which are installed directly in your ductwork, typically near the air handler. The UV radiation they emit in small, safe quantities sterilizes the air that passes through the system, as it destroys biological pollutants such as viruse and bacteria. Because they destroy these pollutants rather than filtering them out, they make a great addition to your air filtration system. They are not a replacement for an air filter, though, as they do not filter out contaminants such as dirt, dust and other debris. If you are interested in UV germicidal lights, call a member of our team today.

UV Germicidal Light Installation and Replacement

When you decide that germicidal lights are the right choice for your home, call the UV germicidal light professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. We are happy to handle your UV germicidal light installation needs with the same level of quality service and expertise we have built our reputation upon. UV germicidal lights are not the most complex devices in the world, but professional installation is necessary if you hope to get the most effective performance possible from them.

If you have existing UV germicidal lamps that are damaged or nonfunctional, we can handle your UV germicidal light replacement. Biological pollutants are a serious issue, and can have an especially negative impact on homeowners with allergies or respiratory illnesses. Call today if you need any of your UV germicidal lights replaced.

UV Germicidal Light Repair and Maintenance

It can be difficult to determine whether or not you need UV germicidal light repair. You cannot see these lights, and you should not be opening up your air ducts for any reason. Still, UV germicidal lights are susceptible to damages, just like any other component in your HVAC system. If you notice symptoms that could be related to biological pollutants are aggravated, contact us right away. We will thoroughly inspect your UV germicidal lights to ensure that they are operating properly.

While UV germicidal lights require little maintenance, they should still be assessed as part of your regular heating and air conditioning maintenance service. Do not allow your UV germicidal lights to go unchecked.

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